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Even before they have entered pre-school, children develop a sophisticated way of thinking about the natural world around them based on their direct experiences. By building on the knowledge that children already have, we provide a step-by-step method of teaching scientific concepts using a series of group activities resulting in intuitive learning.

These worksheets provide a practical and valuable tool for recording each student’s progress.

Many distinguished scientists and educators are assisting and advising us on the Kid Knowledge teaching materials.

Downloads for teachers and students

Book 1 Measurement

1.1.0 Selecting Objects
1.2.0 Distance
1.3.0 Moving an Object
1.4.0 Time
1.5.0 Weight (Mass)
1.6.0 Physical Quantity

Book 2 Motion and Forces

2.1.0 Electromagnetic
2.2.0 Gravity
2.3.0 Temperature
2.4.0 Atomic Structure

Book 3 Earth and Solar System

3.1.0 The Earth
3.2.0 Ecology
3.3.0 Solar System
3.3.0 Plants and Animals

Book 4 Knowing

4.1.0 How do we know something?
4.2.0 Exposure to Neuroscience
4.3.0 Personal knowledge
4.4.0 Scientific Method