Sasha and her mother
People often told me, “your mother – she has too many ideas.” But my mother crossed an ocean for her ideas.
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Seeds: A Memoir

Dr. Svetislava (Sasha) Vukelja specializes in medical oncology/hematology. She resides in Tyler, Texas with her husband, Dr. Larry Anderson, and their two children.

Sasha Vukelja, M.D.

The author’s memories of her relationship with her mother paint an honest portrait of a mother-daughter bond that is both poignant and painful. SEEDS is an inspiring story of potential and ultimate fulfillment.

SEEDS is a true story of how a young woman and her mother, under the watchful eye of Communists, escape from Yugoslavia to a new life in America. In this incredible account, Sasha and her mother walk out of a Yugoslav prison and into the open arms of strangers across Europe who shelter them for years at a time. They finally arrive in America with only a few suitcases of clothes, her mother’s rolled-up paintings and a handful of English words. Living in a roach-infested Manhattan hotel – without jobs, family or friends – the refugees realize their fight for survival has only just begun.

   Sasha quietly pursues her childhood dream of becoming a physician. But she must overcome poverty, language barriers, discrimination – and her mother’s disapproval. With the accidental discovery of Sasha’s secret plans, her daughter’s newfound independence threatens to tear the two apart and destroy everyone’s dreams. After an unforeseen tragedy, Sasha must find the courage to continue her unlikely journey to becoming one of the most respected oncologists in America.