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Memoir: First Reviews


Seeds is a wonderful story of triumph over adversity, willingness to succeed, and deep interpersonal relationships with friends, family and patients. The book is so well written that I found myself glued to the pages and not only saw what Sasha was seeing but also felt what she was feeling as she struggled through Communist rule in Eastern Europe as a child and adolescent. She and her mother overcome barriers of language and discrimination in America with humor, wit, and dignity. I came to respect her drive to become a physician, despite her lack of maternal support. Her touching personal stories of marriage, family, fertility, adoption, faith, and caring for the sick are beautifully woven throughout the second half of the book. I felt as though I was privileged and proud to learn about Sasha’s wonderful journey. Each chapter made me laugh, cry, and look at my own life, asking how I can make myself better.
Seeds is one of the best books I have ever read, not because I know the author, but because of what Sasha teaches me through her life experiences which, although very different than my own, share a common thread to which we can all relate in many ways.

Seeds is a must read for all, no matter where you are in life. Sasha Vukelja is a first time author of a first class memoir. After turning the last page, I wanted more and can’t wait to see the movie.

Rick Seidel, M.D., Author of Sunsets and Shooting Stars


I’ve always heard that greatness comes from the most unexpected places. So it must. Who could have predicted the monumental impact of a young refugee girl and her devoted mother on thousands of people as a result of their story and the hope it brings?

Fred Smith, President, Fourth Partner Foundation


I met Dr V, as her patients affectionately call her, in college when we were living in the Bronx NY. We have maintained a close friendship since then and I have always felt that she has a special "gift." Everyone's life Dr V touches – her patients, friends, or family, is made better. Even when speaking with her, you immediately realize you are in a much better mood, as her boundless energy rubs off. After decades of watching her grow as a physician, parent, community leader, and artist, I always wondered how a person can have such beautiful qualities. Finally after reading her memoir, I understand how her life's experiences nurtured her unique abilities. Seeds is thoughtful, uplifting, sad, funny and very relevant to current times – or any time. It’s a great story and a wonderful reading experience.

William Banko, M.D., President, Surgical Design Corporation